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College Life and Beyond

Helping Students Re-Imagine their future every day.

At College Life and Beyond, we are an organization focused on students who are aspiring to attend college or secure a promising career after High School. Students ranging from grades 7th -12th, will benefit from our program that will set the path of a foundation for a lifetime. Our goal is to help students align an educational or career path to their personality type via personality assessment type tools. Having a more customized future based off of personal strengths and preferences are excellent tools for success. Through personality type, students will understand how to study better, how to test better and what career choices are best for their personality type. They will understand how they learn & retain information while securing the tools necessary to gain financial stability for a lifetime.

Through personality-driven strategic learning practices & exams, students will be equipped with a new foundation of who they really are. Our program can help students save thousands of training or tuition dollars by being aware of careers or degrees that align more with their personality. Our leaders are ready to help students shape their educational direction every step of the way. We are driven to see each child's future re-imagined.


Who We Are

Our Roots

Here at CLB, we are educators, parents, scientists and also new college graduates. We have been in the professional realm for many years. We're all driven by a single goal, to help our children with less educational support have a better chance at success. We realize that many students learn differently than the "one size fits all" classroom approach; we know that strategic personality driven tools can make way for better student success. We are driven to help students identify with their unique personality traits. Subsequently, this foundation of new found traits will help students shape a path toward their own uniquely identified future.


Educational Resources

Through our strategic practices, students will maximize their test scores, gain a sense of professional individuality and reshape their directional future.

With our mission always in mind, we strive to support each students needs based on their level. Our support system for helping students achieve educational growth and set higher goals is at the forefront of our responsibility.


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