Our Vision

Helping our youth Re-imagine a new future towards success, through Personality Type Awareness Testing, scholarship writing, money management and student loan management

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Our Mission

Helping Our Students Re-Imagine Their Future.

College Life and Beyond's mission is to provide a foundation of strategic resources to assist students with personality type testing. This testing will help students identify & begin to learn their personality type. They will become more aware of their strengths, while building a foundation to help them make better educational or career path decisions. We will equip youth in our community, from grades 9th - 12th, with educational personality type tools, financial resources and also assist with scholarship writing, student loan management.  We'll assist with increasing their chances of landing a scholarship and also provide some awards of our own. We will plan events to provide school supplies and career interview programs. Through self-awareness practices, students will gain confidence and develop a sense of their own individuality. As a result, students will have a better understanding of their character to make better life choices. Paired with mentors throughout our program and beyond, students can feel confident knowing our support is always available to them.


Education is what will remain after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”

Albert Einstein


Our Purpose

 Our Purpose is to help students Re-Imagine their future by providing the tools necessary to help them identify strengths, stretches and their personality type to help set them on a path of success. We chose to do this work as so many students drop out of school for lack of direction and loss of motivation or chose career paths unsuitable for their talents. We want to help put students on the right path to success the first time and be with them for support when they need it. 






Strategic Plan

At CLB, we understand how important it is to land a scholarship. Having this opportunity can help offset the cost of quality education. We will help increase the chances of obtaining scholarships. Our Mentors will provide writing tips and review letters before applying. Minimizing student debt is another one of our top priorities at CLB.

Scholarship Application Support Services

Tackling Financial Issue


Our Students Educational Futures Re-imagined

"Through self-identification, our students will gain a sense of who they are, grow through strategic learning, build their brand and soar to unimagined heights, realigning all stereotypes."       




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