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10 Most Important Steps During College Life

You've made it. Welcome to what should be, some of the best days of your life!

1. Be sure to take a campus walk-thru! Know how to get to your classes, cafeteria, gymnasium, Library etc.

2. Develop a trust / buddy system with your roommate. You both should develop a plan to insure the safety of one another.

3. Be sure to set education and career goals. Revisit your goals 2-4 times a year. Make adjustments as you grow, if necessary, but stay focused on them. The key here is writing your goals down – it enforces accountability.

4. Find an accountability partner. Someone you can talk to that will hold you accountable to your goals and accomplishments is ideal. If you don’t have one, find one. You can develop a relationship with someone who inspires and motivates you to do your best. This could be a counselor, old teacher, family friend or mentor.

5. Each class will distribute a syllabus for you to stay on track. Be sure to keep it handy and review it often to be clear on all details. Staying on track is key in college. Catching up can be challenging when you’ve fallen behind.

6. Find or create a study group in your classes. Learning with others can enhance your overall learning quickly – and you may even make a few friends!

7. Get a job! Nothing helps more to bridge the gap of living expenses than making a few extra dollars. Did you know sometimes your tuition can be decreased or free by working at the school? Check with the career center for those opportunities and check out the job boards or online job center for other opportunities.

8. Cash in on used text books at They will send you cash back for all your used books, but sell them quickly as some books tend to outdate faster than others.

9. If you’re thinking about pledging to a Fraternity or Sorority be sure to understand their history. Also make sure you are aware of what Hazing is. Too many students loose their lives because they engage in this unlawful activity not knowing exactly what it is. When you recognize it, you can create awareness, you can stop it or even save a life – which could be your own.

10. Never stop searching for scholarships! You can apply each year that you’re still a full time student. Visit and also download the Scholly app to find several scholarships.

And Lastly – Have fun! Get good grades and be responsible! These are the best years of your life – might as well enjoy them! Your turn! What tips do you have for College students? Leave in the comments!


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