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10 Things Each Student Must Do Before Attending College

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Many young adults today are headed to college without a clear understanding of their goals, strengths or their individual characteristics. This blog is geared toward creating awareness to help students shape their thought process towards success. The goal is for students to be mindful of their individualism as they attend college so that they can maximize on their strengths and interests towards success. It will also provide tools to use throughout college life, adult life and beyond. I’ve listed below the 10 most important steps each student preparing for college must take.

1. You must attempt to master the ACT and SAT exams, prior to college and don’t wait until your senior year! You can take the tests as many times as you like, why not start early? Did you know you can study for these exams? Did you know your score determines your level of scholarship awards? Check out “The Princeton Review” and the “Allen Prep app” for study tips.

2. Take a few personality tests to gain insight into your strengths and characteristics. Many of these tests are free, however the “Myers Briggs Test” is one that is well respected. It isn’t free, however it’s included in some classes and some companies will sponsor you as an employee.

3. There are scholarships for just about anything you can think of. Start early and apply for all the ones you qualify for – there are no limits. There are many tools to check out, such as “” and the “Scholly app” to find many available scholarships.

4. Don’t be afraid to take a gap year. For instance, you could allow yourself a year after high school to focus on your professional growth & development through internships and temporary jobs. BONUS: you will already have experience to add to your resume once you graduate from college. This option is great for those who are disciplined and need more time deciding on a major.

5. Make a list of companies offering internships in professional areas you would consider and make the call. Have a suit ready, research interview questions/answers, practice handshakes, have confidence and go!

6. Clean up your social media presence; you’d be surprised at how many businesses, universities and professional contacts will look you up socially to gain insight into your character. Tip: If you have to think twice about it, delete it.

7. Make a list of colleges that you would like to attend, preferably the ones that has a strong department in which you plan to major in. Narrow it down to about 4 to 6 schools and schedule visits to each of them.

8. If you plan to stay on campus, nevertheless – you need a plan. You should consider getting a job. Having your parents throw you a party to gain supplies is ideal and it can help offset the cost of first year campus living.

9. Start a savings plan early. Some apps can help just by saving your spare change, such as “Acorn” or “Digit.” These apps will save your funds, which are then invested. You would be surprised at how quickly those coins add up.

10. And finally, have fun! Go on prom, graduate, stay in contact with good friends & relax knowing you did the work and you are now prepared for the next chapter of your life.

~Your turn!

What’s a good tip as you prepare for college?


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