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Everything You Must Know About Career Life After College


You’ve graduated from college! My hope is that you have aligned your experience & education alongside your strengths and passion. This is the perfect recipe for advanced success. Employers will find you more valuable and they’ll be willing to invest in your continued development. Below are tips and tools you must know, to assist you as you embark upon your career life & beyond.

1. You must invest in a professional looking resume & cover letter or use the career center at your school – it should be free. Indicate all experience including internships. Nevertheless, use your resume as a foundation – you can make edits to it yourself. On average, a professional resume should be done every 3-4 years.

2. Establish your professional presence on social media, such as a completed LinkedIn account. Use a professional image of yourself and use your resume as a foundation to build your history and profile. Locate all your contacts and connect – this is a great networking platform.

3. You must create a list of professional references, such as specific people who know and can speak about you professionally – have it typed up and ready to distribute upon request. Be sure to let those individuals know that you have listed them as professional references.

4. Become very familiar with Job search engines, such as, and to name a few. Be careful of scammers on the job boards. There are many scams, such as, paying for interviews, paying for lists of companies hiring or even paying to search jobs online – these are all scams!

5. Networking is key to moving up the professional ladder. Maintain contact with everyone, such as professors, friends, associates, colleagues and all your Fraternity / Sorority contacts – you never know where your next opportunity will come from – stay connected.

6. You can never have too many internships. Some internships can turn into permanent careers. Nevertheless, just chose your companies wisely.

7. Student loans will begin repayment 6 months after graduation. Will you be ready? If not there are options available to help you postpone them, however you must set them up to avoid credit report delinquencies – visit for details. Also, if you work in the public sector, such as, schools or government facilities, you could possibly qualify for the (SLFP) Student Loan Forgiveness Program – find out more at

8. If you’re pondering about higher education, why not let someone else foot the bill? For instance, some employers will pay for you to obtain your educational degree under certain circumstances. Be sure to check your benefits package when accepting career opportunities.

9. If you love school and learning check out free online classes from many universities by visiting And if you need help with public speaking, join a local toastmasters group and get all the practice you’ll ever need.

10. Find a professional mentor or keep a relationship with a prior one. Its good to have someone to talk to as you make choices and grow professionally. As you grow, your mentorship should align with your goals. I wish you the best of luck and refer back here often for other amazing life tips on your journey!

11. Your turn, what other life tips can you share at this point in your life?


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